Opportunity Specific


Opportunity Specific

For each of the 124 opportunities we have identified, this Knowledge Application (K-App) provides the information and tools necessary to materialize these opportunities in your region.


cross ten sectors, we have identified 124 opportunities that are feasible and have high impact. They range from Designing Inclusive Systems to Creating Crop-Advisory Text Message Services. We have co-designed, with experts in the field, knowledge applications, or K-apps, that provide quick access to assessment questionnaires, best practices, recent case studies and tool-kits. Also included in this K-app is a list of companies that have acted upon this particular opportunity, such as Strengthening Surgical Capacity. Having access to this detailed information about typical barriers and recommended performance metrics dramatically enhances odds of success. Intended for use across multiple organizational departments, the K-app is designed with different itineraries per role, allowingfor coordination of planning, procurement, implementation, operational and reporting demands.

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