• Our technology connects profitable business models with targeted social impact.
  • We develop regions using technology to scale companies and to align regional stakeholders.

“One of the main challenges in Innovation Knowledge Sharing is to identify the key ideas and actively pull them into regions, where they are most needed.”

Alistair Brett

World Bank Senior Consultant for Science and Technology and Innovation, T2VC Commercialization Advisor

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Speeding The Convergence of Impact and Profit

An alternative social and financial reporting strategy is organic data acquisition (ODA), which accumulates data with a minimal transaction cost. ODA begins with intelligent Read More

Pull business solutions!

Pullapproach has pioneered identifying profitable business models that create social impact, analyzing what makes them successful and attracting them to other regions. Combining advanced technology and working in partnership with development agencies, multinationals and entrepreneurs, we break down information barriers and scale businesses that create measured social impact from a local to an international stage.