How it Works

We leverage the power of global database solutions and advanced enterprise. We use advanced technology to combine open innovation platforms, problem definition tools and experts to analyze the development of a region.


    1. We discover business models through our partnerships with social incubators as we help them to foster profitable social ventures.
    2. We analyze current development models and recommend tailored strategies to development organizations using expert opinion in conjunction with our technology.
    3. We identify opportunities to overcome development challenges that are both feasible and generate high impact for the specific challenge.
    4. We tie together local challenges, feasible opportunities, and business models through our relational database to recommend a roadmap that will that will resolve specific issues in a financially sustainable way.
    5. We offer an array of business development and collaboration tools to launch these businesses and to foster communication between entrepreneurs.
  • The platform and tools were designed based on consultations with more than 250 leading incubators in over 20 countries and from analysis of 1200 entrepreneurial tools. Pullapproach holds an exclusive license for the application of this technology in the social and regional development sector. By working with Global Incubator, Pullapproach can defray high development costs and yet offer immediate access to an advanced suite of tools being used by institutions around the world. This partnership also ensures that Pullapproach technology will continually improve as Global Incubator enhances software to meet the needs of its growing user base.

    Knowledge Growth through Integrated Expert Opinions
    Throughout every process we seamlessly integrate information technology with expert opinion.

    Our expanding network of clients and experts provides an additional layer of validation to business models, opportunity selection and sector divisions. Building upon their expertise, we improve our regional development models and enrich our analysis of components needed for success. Our knowledge development tools enable experts to share their experiences, identifying regional development opportunities and acting upon them, thus transferring their knowledge to the rest of the community.

    Tool Generators
    Throughout every process we complement our technology with expert opinion.

    The core and distinctive asset of our technology is the ability for users to easily create customized tools without any prior technical knowledge required. Clients can continue to autonomously create personalized applications in the future, continually adapting them to changing conditions.

    Lean Layers
    We focus on efficiently creating value for the end-customer.

    We drive the development phase of new features by engaging with the customer early on. Our technological layers of assets range from the more domain specific services, such as accounting tools, to core features such as Q-apps and database management.